Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model V

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Instrument number29001
Accordion listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$6000 FIRM

Description: Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model V

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Treble: 45 keys (E-C), 4 sets of reeds (16, 8, 8, 4),
12 registers (repeated), tone chamber (ALL WOOD). SOLID WALNUT-CORE KEYS WITH WHITE LUCITE TOPS.*
Bass: 87 buttons**, 5 rows chromatic (E-G), 2 sets of reeds (8,4), 3 registers (repeated).
HAND-MADE Binci reeds.
Stereo amplification.
Dimensions:weight 29.5 lbs.; body length: 50.3 cm; body depth: 21 cm; body height: 42 cm; keyboard length key to key: 55 cm; width of white keys: 2.037 cm***
Beautiful workmanship, warm sound, very colorful differentiation among the registers, good power.
Fully guaranteed. PRICE: $6000. FIRM
For many more photos go to flickr, see link below.

*note: some later Giulietti's have soft plastic tops with dimples, this is NOT one of those.

**note: buttons are 8.5 mm, normal bass buttons are 7 or 7.5 mm.

***note: these are full-width keys.

The Super Model V is the flagship of the Giulietti line. The 5-row chromatic free-bass was Mr. Giuliettiís personal favorite. This bass is intended to allow the greatest possible flexibility in fingering musical constructions of all kinds by the left hand. In short, it provides the left hand with flexibility approaching that of the right hand.
This model is made with the finest materials and workmanship. The body is 3-ply mahogany; the reed blocks are solid mahogany with a spruce core and a walnut base; the treble keys are Lucite mounted on solid walnut; the keyboard foundation is walnut; the reeds are the finest hand-made (a mano) reeds by Binci.
I acquired this instrument directly from Mrs. Giulietti as she was closing Mr. Giuliettiís business. This particular instrument was been built in the early 80ís. The serial number is 18655. I found it in the shop unused and I knew it was, and is, a real prize. It has had very little use since Iíve had it. I have made minute adjustments and refinements based on my own personal fussiness.
The reeds are entirely hand made by Binci and marker reeds are stamped with the name. The sound is warm and very rich. It will only improve with regular playing. Overall it is not an exaggeration to describe this instrument as pristine. See the photos at flickr (see link below).
I will get a shipping figure for you in advance. I know how to pack the accordion and have never had a mishap on a shipment.
Regarding the transaction: I will send you a letter (via e-mail and hardcopy via post) giving all the terms, including your right to return the instrument to me for a full refund excluding shipping. For a return I would expect that you advise me in the 1st week after getting the instrument, re-pack it as you got it, send it back via the same shipper and insure it for the full purchase amount. Once Iíve received the instrument in satisfactory condition I will return your payment. Payment can be made via bank check or PAYPAL.

Thank you for your interest.

phone: (518) 489-4323

Pictures: Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model V

Picture of Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model VPicture of Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model VPicture of Accordion - GIULIETTI Super Model V


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