Accordion - Elkavox 83 MIDI Organ Accordion

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Instrument number34191
Accordion listedbefore 2019
Price (Canadian Dollars)$2200 Canadian $
Converted price (US$)$1864 Canadian $ (approx)

Description: Accordion - Elkavox 83 MIDI Organ Accordion

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You've always wanted an organ-accordion, OK, here it is, affordable and with MIDI too !

ELKAVOX 83 MIDI Organ - Accordion for sale. Good condition, 4 + 5 sets of reeds, musette tuned, no tone chamber. MIDI Out allows you to control an external device such as an orchestra module or a synthesizer. I use it with my Yamaha synth with great results.

Electronics working, tight bellows. Has tabs for Flutes, Strings, Percussion, various Bass and Chord tabs, Vibrato, Rotary (Leslie) effect, built in Solo and Poly Synth. Has many presets.

Includes Generator, foot pedal volume, new case, new straps, firing cable, stereo mic cable. some documentation.

This is one of the most popular organ - accordions ever made. These instruments are getting harder and harder to find, especially in good condition like this one. .mp3 sound file of this accordion can be sent on request.

Look around, even on this website; you will see that new acoustic accordions (no electronics) sell for up to $6,000. A complete MIDI setup, new, could cost you up to $15,000. This is a bargain at twice the price.

Item is Used, Sold AS IS. This is a private sale. No warranty is provided.

I have listed this instrument in Good Condition, not excellent condition. It has had good use and there are minor flaws. The left hand buttons are not perfectly level though they are responsive and entirely playable. The right hand keyboard is not perfectly level, and two keys are a tiny bit raised; (1mm and 2mm) but again this does not affect overall playability. The experienced ear will notice that several right hand reeds could be tuned up, but the instrument is musette tuned and it is hardly noticeable except to the most experienced listener. I have sound .mp3 sound files of this instrument that can be sent on request.

Keyboard length is a fullsize 19- 1/4 inches as measured on the white keys.

Picture of generator can be sent on request.

PayPal only. I will send you a PayPal invoice, you can pay by Credit Card or Debit Card, just follow the directions. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay. Sorry no money orders.

Shipping at Buyer's Expense, estimated at $125 up to $250 by UPS Ground. 2 Boxes will be shipped, each weighing 50 lbs. Insurance at buyer's expense. Actual shipping cost will be added to the price.

Will ship to Canada or USA only.

Pictures: Accordion - Elkavox 83 MIDI Organ Accordion

Picture of Accordion - Elkavox 83 MIDI Organ Accordion


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