Acoustic Guitar - 1944 Gibson J 45 Flat Top Rosewood Acoustic Guitar case

Acoustic Guitar listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number31924
Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$2800

Description: Acoustic Guitar - 1944 Gibson J 45 Flat Top Rosewood Acoustic Guitar case

This auction is for a Gibson Guitar. I was recently lucky enough to purchase this guitar at a little local neighborhood auction. Let me preface this listing by saying I know absonlutely NOTHING about guitars except that reportedly Gibson is THE BEST! The guitar is exactly as I bought it. Supposedly the guitar has been stored in a closet in the home for several years. The guitar was sold as a 1944 Gibson J-45 Flat Top (Kitty Wells) style guitar made out of Rosewood and called "Sunburst". Although not in !00% perfect condition, this guitar appears to be in 98% or better, WONDERFUL CONDITION. There is some exceptionally minor signs of use and age. Like I said, these are very minor. Superficial minor scuff or rub marks stress cracks here or there. As you can tell from my pictures the item is in really great shape! The guitar really looks beautiful and seems to have been very well cared for. All the strings are in place and sound good when strummed. The neck and body all seem tight. Nothing is loose anywhere. The top of the neck has advertising that reads in cursive writing "GIBSON" "ONLY A GIBSON IS GOOD ENOUGH". I took a small flashlight and a mirror and looked around inside the guitar for other marks or numbers. All I could find is inside was the number 2981 (and some super impressive craftsmanship and woodworking). The guitar measures 40.5" long x 16.25" wide x 5" thick. The neck has Mother Of Pearl inserts. The keys that wind the strings look like ivory or, white bakelite perhaps. The guitar comes with a black leather and velvet strap, a pick that reads "FAR OUT MUSIC", a black hardshell case with red velvet lining and a few extra string winding parts found in a compartment inside the case. All of these items are shown in my pictures. I believe the case is probably the original case that came with this guitar. The case is in "ok" condition. The case looks nice and the latches all work, but one hinge is missing and the case does have some signs wear and age. The guitar inside is BEAUTIFUL! All of this together is a SUPERB relic of days gone bye. This is a wonderful item for collectors or it's ready to play today.


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