Acoustic Guitar - 1962 Ramirez (FM) Classical Guitar

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - 1962 Ramirez (FM) Classical Guitar

1962 Ramirez Guitar

1962 Ramirez Classical Guitar 1A (FM) Félix Manzanero
The guitar is absolutely amazing, it has that legendary haunting and mysterious Ramirez sound of the early 60s.
The guitar is one of the guitars to have come from the Ramirez shop in 1962 (the golden year of Ramirez guitars) in the Brazilian Spruce Configuration and made by one the rarest, and best of the apprentice’s in the Ramirez shop, FM

Superb Spanish voice, amazing projection, beautiful tone.
The guitar is made of beautifully matched Brazilian Rosewood and a Spruce Top. The spruce top is very rare in these models is in perfect shape, no nail marks or scratches. This makes for a wonderful combination of woods. The guitar has the complex timber of spruce but over time the guitar has matured and become warmer each year.

As expected, a guitar of this caliber provides a wonderful tone and sustain. When you think the guitar cannot give anymore, it continues to give and give.
It is a very sensitive instrument and it responds excellently to what you need it to do.

The guitar had three cracks on the back side, happened when it was first made. As you know all Brazilian is subject to cracking. These cracks were repaired with glue and cleated for lifetime stability. You can hardly tell they are there, only by looking at the cleats inside the guitar can you see where they were. The guitar was checked by a professional luthier and was he gave thumbs up in terms of its stability and integrity. He also stated that this was the most perfect Ramirez guitar he has ever repaired, and he repaired many, many Ramirez guitars. He also stated that the break angle over the saddle was perfect. Most Ramirez guitar do not have perfect string break.
The guitar comes with Hard Shell Case, which will be new, the old one was shot. I will buy a case when the guitar is sold. If it doesn't sell, I may keep it in the old case.
The guitar is a 664mm scale, the only scale for concert instruments made in the 60s.
The action is 4mm at the 12th fret on the bass side and 3 mm at the 12th fret on the treble side.
I find the guitar to be very comfortable and easier to play than most other 664 scale guitars.
You can contact me at (908)692-0650 if you like to discuss
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