Acoustic Guitar - 2003 Manuel Velazquez Guitar

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - 2003 Manuel Velazquez Guitar

Hi Everyone,

I am putting up for sale a magnificent and recent guitar by Maestro Manuel Velazquez. This particular guitar is from 2003 and in mint condition with only the most minor of surface scratches and a few odd tiny nicks and dings, all of which are totally superficial. This instrument is a stellar example of his work and shows that through out the entirety of his long career, he has yet to show any signs of decline. If anything he has continued to improve and as a luthier myself all I can say is it must help to be an inspired genius, with particularly good genes and a hell of a work ethic. :D

This guitar plays like a dream, which is a characteristic that his guitars are well known for. Sonically it is very clear and warm with beautiful trebles and full basses. This guitar has great tonal dynamics and is very sensitive and responsive. It is pretty new and as such will continue to improve and expand with good playing. The first string is particularly good with a strong fundamental and very nice overtones. Quite a satisfying guitar all around.

There are a few points worth mentioning about the guitar. First the materials are simply the best, which is not a surprise but still the quality is absolutely first rate. The finish on the back, sides and neck are oil varnish and the top is french polish. This is somewhat of a new thing for Velazquez as he was using oil varnish for the entire instrument for most of his career. In any case I think it is a very good idea and the top has a delicate and thin finish of french polish. The tuners are what appear to me to be an old set of Landsdorfer tuners. These tuners have not been used at all, they are as new and are new to this guitar. They have mother of pearl buttons and are simply gorgeous and are as good as it gets.

Photos available upon request.



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