Acoustic Guitar - 8-string guitar by Darren Hippner

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Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$2800 + shipping

Description: Acoustic Guitar - 8-string guitar by Darren Hippner

Description: Darren Hippner, October 2005.__He made this one with Englemann spruce/E. Indian back and sides, I loved the Englemann sound so much I ordered one with Brazilian rosewood. I have another Hippner of Swiss spruce/Braz, and just got a Sitka spruce/Birds Eye.__This one is lattice-braced guitar, however, no synthetic materials; based on Paul Fischer's lattice type. Very rich in tone, somewhat lute-like, excellent volume, very balanced. Excellent projection. __Two more strings in the bass: A-D-E-A-D-G-B-E. __2 Ruck style soundports in the sides near the neck (soundholes about an 1" in diameter); more volume for player.__Woods:_Soundboard: Englemann spruce/California/1982_Back and sides: Old growth E. Indian rosewood_Neck: Spanish cedar_Fretboard: Ceylonese ebony__Tuning gears:_Gilbert tuning machines.__Top - French polished, back and sides - lacquer.__Specs:_1) String length - 652mm _2) Width/nut - 66mm_3) Width/12th fret - 75mm_4) Neck thickness: (24" radius)_1st fret - 19.5mm_3rd fret - 20.3mm_7th fret - 21.5mm_5) Lower bout - 102mm_6) 1-6 spacing at saddle - 54.5mm _7) 1-6 string spacing at nut - 42mm _8) 20th fret__Saddle - Wooly Mammoth ivory. Saddle scalloped on the top. Nut - bone.__Nut and saddle 7th and 8th strings spaced closer than 1-6. __Action: 3mm - 1st string 12th fret, 4mm 6th. 7th and 8th strings are higher proportionally than 1-6, no buzzing.__I use internal electronics. I have removed them. There is a 1/2" hole for the jack at bottom of guitar. If you use internal elecs I'll leave it open, if not, will glue in ebony endpin (from LMI) to seal hole. __Mp3's available__Very good condition, light nail scratching near the soundhole and back and sides but not much. There is a strip on back of neck around 3rd fret about 5.5cm long/1mm wide that is white, mineral deposits, happens in Spanish cedar sometimes, not a structural defect.__No cracks.__$2800, firm. Great price for this quality. Hippner, American builder from WA State, is known for high quality and low prices. He recently doubled his base price from $2k to $4k. Same guitar would now be $4700. __Comes with Guardian feather weight weather proofed case.
Location: New York, NY, USA


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