Acoustic Guitar - 8-string guitar by Darren Hippner

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - 8-string guitar by Darren Hippner

Darren Hippner, October 2005.

He made this one with Englemann spruce/E. Indian back and sides, I love the sound. Just received another Englemann from him, but with Brazilian rosewood. I have another Hippner of Swiss spruce/Braz, and just received a Sitka spruce/Birds Eye maple last week. They are all terrific guitars

This one is a lattice-braced guitar, no synthetic materials, based on Paul Fischer's lattice type. Very rich in tone, somewhat lute-like, excellent volume, very balanced. Excellent projection.

Two more strings in the bass, I tune A-D-E-A-D-G-B-E.

2 Ruck style soundports in the sides near the neck (soundholes about an 1" in diameter); more volume for player.

Soundboard: Englemann spruce/California/1982
Back and sides: Old growth E. Indian rosewood
Neck: Spanish cedar
Fretboard: Ceylonese ebony

Tuning gears:
Gilbert tuning machines.

Top - French polished, back and sides - lacquer.

1) String length - 652mm
2) Width/nut - 66mm
3) Width/12th fret - 75mm
4) Neck thickness: (24" radius)
1st fret - 19.5mm
3rd fret - 20.3mm
7th fret - 21.5mm
5) Lower bout - 102mm
6) 1-6 spacing at saddle - 54.5mm
7) 1-6 string spacing at nut - 42mm
8) 20th fret

Saddle - Wooly Mammoth ivory. Saddle scalloped on the top. Nut - bone.

Nut and saddle 7th and 8th strings spaced closer than 1-6.

Action: 3mm - 1st string 12th fret, 4mm 6th. 7th and 8th strings are higher proportionally than 1-6, no buzzing.

I use internal electronics. I have removed them. There is a 1/2" hole for the jack at bottom of guitar. If you use internal elecs I'll leave it open, if not, will glue in ebony endpin to seal hole.

Mp3's available

Very good condition, light nail scratching near the soundhole and back and sides but not much. There is a strip on back of neck around 3rd fret about 5.5cm long/1mm wide that is white, something that happens in Spanish cedar sometimes, not a structural defect.

No cracks.

Would prefer to sell to someone who has come by in person or sent a representative, however, I will ship with a 48 hour trial period, you send bank check and pay roundtrip shipping if returned.

Price is $2800, firm. Great price for this quality. Hippner, American builder from WA State, is known for high quality and low prices. However, 2 weeks ago he doubled his base price from $2k to $4k. Same guitar would now be $4500+. I have the next guitar coming soon. Also, I have a business relationship with Darren, and my price from him is highly discounted, I can afford to sell it for $2800. Happy to give someone good deal.

Comes with Guardian feather weight weather proofed case.


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