Acoustic Guitar - 1999 Jose Ramirez Flamenca Blanca

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - 1999 Jose Ramirez Flamenca Blanca

1999 Jose Ramirez Flamenca Blanca
Model: "2 Cipres"

This is the top-of-the-line student blanca from Ramirez. In fact this particular model was never offered outside of Spain. After having tried several Ramirez FL2's I can state with total confidence that they do not even come close to this blanca.

History of the guitar:
It was the personal guitar of flamenco maestro Miguel de La Bastide. Miguel hand selected this guitar himself in 1999 at the Madrid Taller so its obviously an extremely good blanca.
He said it was better than any of the primeras at Ramirez and also at various other Madrid tallers he checked out during that trip. In fact it is so good that this is the guitar that Miguel toured with some years back (check out the Youtube video links below).
So if it was good enough for Miguel to tour with then I really need not say anymore about the quality of the guitar.

This is your chance to acquire a blanca that was hand-selected by the maestro, is fully opened up, and has a very potent sound. Unless you have a chance to go to Madrid yourself and test-drive several guitars AND you have Miguel's experience and knowledge of what constitutes a great flamenco guitar this really is a no-brainer.

It plays very easy, like butter, wonderful sound, no damage or cracks. The guitar setup was fine-tuned by Miguel - its probably the most optimally set-up guitar I've come across. Extremely easy to play. Left-hand fretting is super easy, this blanca has a fast neck!

Note: The guitar does have a mic pick-up installed, which will be removed prior to sale.

The guitar has been played so it has very light playing wear, i.e. a few small nail marks from golpes landing outside the golpeador but nothing that penetrates the finish. There is no damage and no cracks. It has been babied and taken very good care of. Check out the pics.

Scale: 650
Nut: 52
Top: Spruce
Sides: Cypress
Tuners: Fustero
String height at 12th fret: Bass 3mm/Treble 2.3mm

Link to Pics of the guitar:
(see below)

Asking price: $2100 (Canadian). I will ship anywhere in the world.
Buyer to pay insurance and shipping costs.


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