Acoustic Guitar - Fritz Mueller - 2005 - Double Top - Spruce/Cedar

Acoustic Guitar listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33979
Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$7000

Description: Acoustic Guitar - Fritz Mueller - 2005 - Double Top - Spruce/Cedar


2005 Fritz Mueller Double Top. Almost never played.

Top: Spruce/Cedar.
Back/Sides: Cocobolo.
Fingerboard: Ebony.
Neck: Spanish Cedar.
Nut/Saddle: 10.000 year old Mammoth Ivory.
Condition: as new. The only marks on this guitar are standard marks that come from the French Polishing.
No fingernail marks. No cracks. No dings.
Tuners: Alessi, with snakewood kidney shaped buttons, black wheels, snakewood knob, tear drop on top and bottom of stem.

This guitar, with all the selected materials would cost about 9.000 USD from the maker.
Here you can get it for 7.000 USD still in a as new condition with no waiting.
Mr. Fritz Mueller has a 5 year waiting list.

Unbelievable sound. Very loud and punchy tone that is still traditional sounding.
The overall sound is warm and lush with each tone being cristal clear through out all registers. This guitar is incredibly lively with overtones and harmonics that simply jump out of this guitar.
Incredibly quick response and sensitive to the touch. When you play this guitar you'll feel like you barely have to touch the strings for it to fill up the room with sound. It has a very broad color palette with excellent separation with incredible sustain.
This is among the most powerful and projecting guitar in the world.
Capable of filling any size concert hall.

This guitar maintains the traditional classical guitar beauty and is very natural sounding.

12 Hole Bridge, Right Hand Arm Rest, Elevated Fingerboard, Tall Frets 1.25 mm, Perfect intonation, 20th Fret on first three strings, Removable Access Panel. Port Hole on one side of the heel. Fretmarks on 7th fret and 19th fret. Adjustable Truss Rod.
The whole guitar is French Polished with satin finish.
645 Scale length. In my opinion a perfect compromise to the overly long 650 and the too short 640.
52 mm at first fret.
42 mm string spacing.
3.75 mm action on bass side.

Please go to the URL below to see detailed pictures.

Please feel free to ask any question you may have before bidding.
Because this guitar has almost never been played it will develop as you play it. The trebles will open up more and the tone will mature. This guitar is basically brand new.

I will only ship this guitar in the USA. I will pay for the shipping and the insurance.

I will allow you to play this guitar with no obligation for two days and then ship it back should you not like it.
If you pay with a check I will not ship this guitar anywhere until it has cleared.
Take advantage of the fact that I do accept Paypal. You could even pay for this guitar in three installments to my Paypal account.

If you ship this guitar back with a scratch or a ding I will pay you back the money you payed for it minus the repairs. In such case I will ship the guitar back to the maker and have him refinish it, should it be damaged in any way while in your care.


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