Acoustic Guitar - SEAN HANCOCK 1937 HAUSER 'SEGOVIA'

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Instrument number30533
Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$3100 includes shipping

Description: Acoustic Guitar - SEAN HANCOCK 1937 HAUSER 'SEGOVIA'

This is one of the finest Hauser styled guitars i've owned in my near 35 years of playing.

Also having been fortunate enough to play at least 3 original Hauser I and II instruments in my time i can safely say this is an instrument of near equal in ease of playability and the tone of this instrument is exquisite!

Sean Hancock is truly one of Australia's finest traditional luthiers, if not the best in the country. This has to be one of the finest instruments he has constructed...i'd like to hear another that is considered better!

The bass spectrum is deep yet so very even and balanced. The mids are gorgeous and the trebles shine and sound unlike any guitar i've ever played.

Ive owned many guitars, so my statement is based on having played a great deal of guitars in my time.

The only other guitar that 'overall' is of the same qquality is my original 1988 Kevin Aram which cost me 3 times as much as this guitar from the Sean's and a instrument i could never sell.

I also recently had a professional associate of mine who after playing the instrument asked if he might be able to use the it in his recent ensembles who played for the Danish Royal Couple who visited Australia recently.

He also said it reminded him of one of his favourite guitars which was a late very early Jose Romanillios instrument with what i too described as a sounding like "chinese porcelain", and when you hear this instrument you somehow would agree with that quote as strange as it might sound.

The sound is exquisite, with excellent intontation and projection that carries very well.

Materials used are the highest grade for this level of intrument featuring Spruce German top, Indian rosewood back and sides, Brazilian Bridge and bindings..

This instrument is as close to Mint condition as they come. A Hiscox Hardcase is included.

A concert level guitar for a very reasonable price IMO. The instrument tone is worth 3 times the asking price.

Contact me for photographs of this instrument.


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