Acoustic Guitar - Classical concert guitar by Jeff Kemp

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - Classical concert guitar by Jeff Kemp

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The great Australian luthier Greg Smallman has made a name for himself by utilizing unique building techniques. John Williams is ofcourse, the most well known classical guitarist today, and he uses Smallman guitar. The price for a Smallman is well out of the league for most players but fortunately, Jeff Kemp builds guitars in the same style and they're about as close to a Smallman you can get without paying top dollars. Jeff also makes lattice braced instrument's similar to the Smallman design. His Guitars of both designs have been highly praised by musicians such as John Williams and Paco Pena.

You will not find a more spectacular sounding guitar. It's extremely loud and precise in its tone. I've compared it to many guitars and I'm yet to find a guitar with such volume and strenght. My fathers old Ramirez 1A isn't even in the ballpark, an old Fleta is nothing compared to this and so on. It fully depends on what you like. If you've ever felt as if you can't cut through an ensemble, think no more, Jeff Kemp is here to remedy that. The guitar is a beast sound wise and the size of the instrument is quite big, very very similar to Ramirez 1A in every respect except for the way it's built. The way the guitar projects is something which is almost impossible to capture on a recording but is obvious when you sit with the guitar. I've had friends listen to the guitar thinking that it was plugged into some kind of amplification (admittedly, these friends aren't from a musical background but still tells you something about the loudness and projection).

I am the second owner of this instrument (built in 1997)and the first owner played a bit of flamenco on it so the top is quite beat up. Cedar tops without a thick layer of laquer is prone to get dents and this guitar has received it's fair share. It might not be visibly compelling, but a luthier would easily be able to clean it up. I have decided not to alter anything as I'm not going to keep this instrument. The sole reason for selling it is money. I have too many guitars at this point and it's time to kill some of my darlings and since I mostly play jazz these days, the nylon string guitars ended up on the chopping block.

I'm selling this amazing instrument at a 1/3 of the original price and in addition to that, you won't have to wait for ages to receive it.

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