Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997

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Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997 flamenco guitar.
The story of the Conde Hermanos workshop dates back to the early 20th Century. For the first time, a breach began to appear in the world of guitar building, and two clearly distinct instruments were taking shape. These instruments evolved into what we today know as the classical and flamenco guitar. In 1937 Domingo Esteso passed away, leaving the workshop to his two nephews. In order to preserve the tradition as well as the prestige of the family name, the guitars built immediately after 1937 bore the label "Viuda y Sobrinos de Esteso" (Esteso's Widow and Nephews). The word "Viuda" (Widow) appeared first as a form of respect to Mrs. Esteso. When she passed away in 1958 the label was modified once more, and this time it read "Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso" (Esteso's Nephews); under this, in small print, was the surname "Conde Hermanos" (Conde Brothers). It is thus that the now famous name appeared in the world of the flamenco guitar for the first time.

If you want to know how this Conde Hermanos feels and looks like, we invite you to watch and enjoy the high definition video of this Conde on our site, clikc on the link below. You can also watch, listen and enjoy the Conde A26 blanca high definition video of our La Sonanta song played together with palmas and cajon on the detailed pages of our Conde Hermanos A26 blanca 2003.

This near mint Conde Hermanos blanca is the top model from the Gravina shop. This particular model was designed by the late Faustino Conde. This Conde has clarity in the trebles, which bring out definition to the strings and has a balance to the sound. It's basses are strong, yet not overpowering. The voicing is such that it projects easily and provides a colorful tonal character. Simply the best Conde we have ever played from Gravina, in the typical Conde orange French Polish.

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Pictures: Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997

Picture of Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997Picture of Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997Picture of Acoustic Guitar - Conde Hermanos Gravina 1997


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