Acoustic Guitar - Epiphone PR-350SM Mahogany/Spruce Dreadnought

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Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
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Description: Acoustic Guitar - Epiphone PR-350SM Mahogany/Spruce Dreadnought

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Gibson finally got the Epiphone line of guitars right, and this PR-350SM dreadnought is a fine example of their ability to produce a great guitar at an amazing price. OK, this is made somewhere in Asia, and it is not your handmade wonder…but the workmanship, woods used, and design are all executed flawlessly. Having owned guitars made by Collings, Olson, Ryan and other well-known—and highly expensive—luthiers, who do build some of the world’s best instruments today, I can honestly say this Epiphone guitar really does an amazing job of emulating the tone and playability of these great instruments.
When you play this particular Epiphone—which I selected over a dozen other instruments, many costing over $5000—blindfolded against handmade instruments, you get an interesting surprise: the tone and feel is quite comparable. Sure, this may not have all the subtleties of a handmade $3000 Collings D1, but it’s less than 1/3 the price, and for most purposes is brilliant at carrying a tune.
So what you have here is a mahogany/spruce dreadnought cannon, full and balanced in tone up and down the fingerboard, with a tasteful satin finish that really shows off the fine woods. The action is low and fast, no buzzing anywhere, with a neck profile that’s smooth and comfortable. The diamond inlays on the neck are flawlessly executed (probably due to fancy CNC machining, but hey, they look great!), and everything from bindings to joints to headstock inlays are all perfect.
My first guitar was a 1966 Gibson J45, which I paid $450 US for in 1966, and frankly this guitar knocks its socks off (though admittedly that guitar probably fetches over $3000 in today’s market.) I’ve played new Martins costing 2-4 times this beauty, and they couldn’t hold a candle to the tone and playability of this Epiphone. Like I say, Gibson got it right this time.
So save a bundle and take advantage of my herd thinning. Comes in a very sturdy hard case covered with ballistic cloth case and containing a humidifier gauge and plenty of storage pockets. You’ll really love the sound and feel of this one.

Pictures: Acoustic Guitar - Epiphone PR-350SM Mahogany/Spruce Dreadnought

Picture of Acoustic Guitar - Epiphone PR-350SM Mahogany/Spruce Dreadnought


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