Acoustic Guitar - GV Rubio ArchTop classical

Acoustic Guitar listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33907
Acoustic Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$5900

Description: Acoustic Guitar - GV Rubio ArchTop classical

Selling off my Rubio ArchTop classical guitar and what a truly, truly amazing example of this Luthier's art. Old European flamed maple and German spruce combine to produce sonic bliss. This is a new model designed by German. I purchased it new about a year ago. This model spec placed 2nd in the last Paracho guitar festival, and what you have here is a combination of a Hauser and Torres, slightly larger, and on steroids. Look at it from the front, it looks like a big Torres. Look at it from the side, it looks like a big Hauser. The top has a prominent arch, magnificently sculpted, and underneath it is the traditional seven fan bracing, but radius-ed to support the arch. The result is a powerhouse with a sensitivity to the response and openness that is rarely found in a newer instrument. The quality in tone is magnificent, assuredly, for to buy one new from the workshop or a dealer is $7500, and people buy them. Mr. Vazquez Rubio's magic hands have been building guitars for forty years (!) and you won't find a more immaculate nor higher level of craftsmanship and materials. Maestro Rubio has been making this model for about three years now, and of the several made to date, most have been in Brazilian, but the maple bodied version is also something to behold, it has a very earthy, woody tone...and with all the bass, depth and complexity one could desire, but with an added clarity and sparkle. Very inspiring. A must, for a high-end collection. Also, notably, a completely even balance across the entire range. 52mm nut with a very slim low profile neck, and the action is super low (and still it is very powerful), 650 scale, snake-wood bindings and back-stripe, Also to set-off the excitement of the outrageous maple, in contrast and continuity, very dark rosewood bridge, heel-cap and headstock overlay. Bridge is trimmed with mother of pearl (very classy) and also MOP 7th fret position marker, Fustero tuners with ivory marble buttons and the guitar is all French polished. The condition is near mint, The guitar is like a featherweight and it just wants to vibrate right out of your lap. Very easy to hold, it has a long body like a full size classical but again, it is slender on the sides like a Hauser. Paid 7 grand for this baby but its time to let it go as I don't have the time to play these days. My loss is your gain. selling for $5900 plus shipping. email for pictures


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