Acoustic Guitar - Hippner 8-string Classical Guitar

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - Hippner 8-string Classical Guitar

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This is a very fine 8-string guitar, #499 made in 2006 by Darren Hippner with an excellent European Spruce top and Brazilian Rosewood back & sides.

This is Darren’s Hauser model with French polish top and ultra-light lacquer finish elsewhere. The wonderfully shaped neck is Mahogany with a smooth-as-silk tung oil finish and Ebony fretboard. It is difficult to describe but the neck feels like it was carved as one unit with the body. The contours and the finish make the neck very comfortable and this is especially important considering the extra width required for 8 strings. There are two soundports. The tuners are of the highest quality made in the United Kingdom by Blake-Robson with pricing at $800-900 and have beautiful Snakewood knobs. There are slight plating imperfections on the edges of the tuner faceplates in a couple of areas but these were pre-existing (Darren offered me discount pricing on the tuners because of this). The fretboard scale is 650mm. Pricing if ordered new today from Hippner Guitars would be $4,500.00.

I had Darren build this guitar for me and I can truly say this instrument is the finest guitar I have ever owned. The sound is rich and complex and the construction quality I believe ranks up there with the best in the world. Darren’s luthier skills are at a very high level and even with that said … this is truly a special guitar from him. I have the guitar strung in AEADGBEA tuning (as per Paul Galbraith) and I attached the bridge beads to prevent bridge wear (the high ‘A’ string is of small diameter and could knife into the bridge without the bead there). The guitar could also be strung in the ADEADGBE tuning. There is not a scratch, crack or ding anywhere on the guitar. The only blemish is at the heel base joint with the body where the finish has a tiny gap in the joint that can be felt and is visible in the the photo showing this area. I have been the only owner and have kept it in its case in an environmentally controlled room and the guitar has never left my home. The case is a very robust hardshell TKL tweed version ($159.00 retail).

It was a difficult decision to sell this instrument after seven years on 8-string but I have decided to go back to playing 6-string. In all honesty playing 8-string well requires more time than I have available currently. Once this guitar sells, I plan to place an order for a new Hippner 6-string classical as soon as possible.

Please visit the website below for more photos. Also note that you can click on the primary photo to view it even larger. Lastly, I prefer to only sell to North American customers due to customs complications with international shipping.

Pictures: Acoustic Guitar - Hippner 8-string Classical Guitar

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