Acoustic Guitar - MALAPANIS Concert Classical Guitar - AMAZING CEDAR as played by ANGEL ROMERO

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Description: Acoustic Guitar - MALAPANIS Concert Classical Guitar - AMAZING CEDAR as played by ANGEL ROMERO

The quality of the Malapanis guitars have captured the attention of some of the finest classical guitarists of our century. The king of classical guitarists, Sir ANGEL ROMERO, has been enthusiastically concertizing with a Malapanis guitar since 2002. Concerning the cedar-top model, Romero affirms that "Tom is a maker of extreme and rare quality; He really is very innovative, and the instruments he produces -- like the one I have -- well, there's not another instrument that could push it to the side in the concert hall."

These pictures of ROMERO and the Malapanis guitar are just a summary snapshot of the exposure these guitars have had in the concert halls of the world during the past several years. This particular guitar (part of the same generation of guitars as Angel Romero’s) is a superb instrument, an instrument of the finest craftsmanship and of the highest sonor quality. The value and quality of these instruments is unsurpassed today! If you think this is an overstatement, give it a try and play it next to your finest Fleta and Ramirez. You will be amazed and pleasantly surprised!

Whether you are an already accomplished guitarist (like Angel Romero), an aspiring classical guitarist, or, an enthusiastic fan of the classical guitar world, and, if you have an eye for detail and quality, then, this is the right guitar for you. The guitar sold is a cedar-top instrument, with a warm, dark, and extremely lyrical sound. The esthetic appearance of the CONCERTO model will stand out and its towering sonor quality will overshadow all other guitars in concerts, master classes, guitar societies, or simply when compared to your friends’ instruments.


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