About A. Dominguez Romero

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About A. Domìnguez Romero

Born 1948, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Education: College of Applied Arts, University of Uruguay, 3 year course with masters J.C. Santurión and M. Ameigenda, 1969-1972.

Professional: 1973-1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Employee of José Yacopi
(Madrid, Spain), partnership with Henri Viret (Paris, France) and
consultancy with Stello Maglia (Cremona, Italy). Own ateliér,
reparing and making guitars.

Sweden: Own workshop since 1977, repairing, restoring and making stringed
instruments, development of own model 4,6 and 8 string guitars and guitarron.
Apprentice, 2-year course, wood research.

1988: Tage Danielsson scholarship.

1988-1990: SIDA-study project in Uruguay.

1991-1993: Sweden: instrument exhibition at the Museum of Music as part of the
Guitar festival. USA: exhibition and sale of 8-stringed guitars in Washington.
Manufacture and repair, wood research, milling and drying of tone wood.

1994-1997: Wood workshop in Uruguay with own sawmill. Own instrument took first
prize at guitar festivals.

1997-2001: Workshop at Vikingagatan 25, Stockholm.

1999 exhibition at Musikmuseet, Stockholm. Manufacture, repair of
string instruments, sales of tone wood.

1999 Exhibition at Junsele music week.


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