Amplifier - 73 Fender Twin Reverb - Original Tags!

Amplifier listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number32315
Amplifier listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$699

Description: Amplifier - 73 Fender Twin Reverb - Original Tags!

73 Fender Twin Reverb – Original Tags – Super Clean!
This is a ’73 Twin Reverb closet classic. The amp was purchased from a local music store which took it on trade from the original owner. Includes original footswitch, Owners Manual, tags and purchase receipt!
Electronically: I bought the amp to restore. It has been carefully converted to blackface specs (per Gerald Weber’s specs) and recapped with Sprague caps (bypass, filter and coupling caps). A few bad resistors have been replaced. All original preamp tubes tested bad and were replaced with new Electro-Harmonics tubes. All 4 power tubes tested excellent. Amp has been biased and is running at correct plate voltage, and is drawing correct current. Reverb cable was bad and has been replaced with new Accutronics cable (original was saved). Reverb bag is new (Accutronics OEM) as the amp had none. Oxford speakers are clean and cones are perfect. Reverb and vibrato work well. A sweet, vintage tone, ready to be played.
Cosmetically: Tolex is super clean, and the bulk of it is nearly perfect. There are warn spots on the bottom side, however, and one tare where the wood can be seen (bottom side of amp). Hardware is nice and clean. There is surface rust on the caster inserts and the bottom and foot pads. The amp came with no wheels. Original grille cloth has no tares and very little discoloration. There are precious few 70’s Twins in such nice condition (not to mention including tags and owners manual!). 4 of the knobs were chipped and have been replaced with OEM Fender replacements, but I have the originals.
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