Amplifier - Yngwie Malmsteen Black Star Tube Head!L@@k

Amplifier listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number27435
Amplifier listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$750

Description: Amplifier - Yngwie Malmsteen Black Star Tube Head!L@@k

I am a Dealer for Rhino,They want $849.00 for these heads if you purchase thru them.If you go through me I can get you the Best Deal out there.If your ever on Ebay Check out my Feedback 67chevelle1guitars BLACK STAR YJM-50 YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN Brand direct from Rhino to you. 5 year warranty. Signature Amplifier for Electric Guitar.$1249.00USD list for this head.(((Reserve on this auction is half of that!)))This amp is meant to sound like Yngwie's following signal chain: Marshall MK.II 1987 (model) - DOD250 Overdrive Preamp - Boss Noise Suppressor. Footswitch is included. It all begins with the circuits.This incredible new amplifier is a revolution in tube amplifier technology design. In much the same way that Yngwie J. Malmsteen burst on to the music scene and suddenly changed the way guitars were played the Black Star YJM- 50 by Rhino Guitar Amplification changes the way guitar amplifiers are built. The sound you hear on every Yngwie J. Malmsteen album is the sound of genius and magic. The uncompromising tone of Yngwie is the perfect blend of timeless masterpieces perfectly combined which in the hands of Maestro Malmsteen can produce beautiful and subtle music and without warning becomes a rising storm thundering across the sonic horizon. Yngwie's sound is totally awesome because it both clean and yet very heavy and overdriven. When we set out to build the ultimate signature amplifier we knew it had to be perfect. We knew that many amplifier companies had approached Yngwie about using their equipment, they all failed because their equipment could not match Yngwie's existing setup. We understood that for Yngwie J. Malmsteen an amplifier had to be built that captured his amazing tone perfectly! Yngwie wanted something more, Yngwie wanted an amp that anyone could buy and plug in and get the perfect Yngwie tone without the need of additional vintage equipment, pedals, etc.. Working with Yngwie we began by learning as much about Yngwie's existing setup as possible. Mike Spitzer, who was Yngwie's personal manger at the time we began project Black Star was instrumental in the creation of the Black Star YJM-50. Yngwie and Mike worked very closely with Rhino to insure we produced an amplifier worthy of the Malmsteen name. I want to thank Yngwie and Mike for having the vision and patience to work with Rhino, then a totally unheard name in guitar amplification. We worked as a team building and testing prototypes we would not be satisfied until we succeeded in a superior guitar amplifier. At Rhino we acquired a reissue of the well known MKII Yngwie is famous for playing. We soon found out the reissue amp simply did not have the "Magic" of the original vintage equipment. I set out on a quest to acquire the perfect specimen of an actual early seventies vintage MKII.


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