Amplifier - assembly kits of tube guitar amp

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Instrument number39395
Amplifier listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)around $70 - 200 negotiable

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Description: Amplifier - assembly kits of tube guitar amp

Kldguitar Assembly kits of tube guitar amp services.
What are assembly kits?
Assembly kits are kits assembled on the chassis, Comparing with whole amp, it has not wood enclosure only. The only thing customer need do after they receive the order is put the assembly kits to box they found, created or made.
Why we provided assembly kits services?
1.First, assembly kits reduce the weight of case. If you only order one or two amps from us, we have to ship them by DHL or UPS, The cost of DHL and UPS is very expensive. If you can make enclosure self, you don’t need ship it from China. We have transformed many assembly kits to customer, So you don’t care of our package. You can receive your order safe.
2.Customers want create something self, such as special case, different cover of case. It is difficult to produce in mass, so you can do it by yourself. Many guitarists have talents, they can decorate their gear by their feeling.
3.Customers only want Chassis and PCB from us. They like build OPT self and don’t use Chinese tube.
4.OEM from us. You have designing capabilities, you want extend your producing capabilities. You can send part of your works to us. We still provide best service to you.
How to order assembly kits from us?
1.Each assembly kits add “K” in its name. Such as “GT30HK”,”RATK”, you can write it clear in your order.
2.If you have some special needing, please write in order. We can discuss with you if we can do your order.
What about the quality of assembly kits?
It is same as the whole amp. No difference.
How to contact with kldguitar
Please use kldguitar in google and contact with us directly. we can reply you in time.
You can use paypal to post money, it is safe and fast although expensive .


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