Amplifier for sale - Marshall Half Stack in Red-W/ Footswitch & FREE Chorus Pedal

Amplifier listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number41996
Amplifier listed on26 Aug 2011
Price (US Dollars)$560 negotiable

Amplifier Location: Pequannock, NJ, USA

Description: Amplifier for sale - Marshall Half Stack in Red-W/ Footswitch & FREE Chorus Pedal

First off this amp is in brand new condition! I gently used it for a year but it mostly stayed in my bedroom. The model is the Marshall MG100hfxrs, a four channel machine. This limited edition MG series amp came out in 2010. IF you haven't noticed, one thing that separates it from other Marshalls is that it is in a very elegant red finish. Also, there is beige fabric on the head and the cab. The Marshall lettering is all done in white. Now lets talk about the hardware: The first thing going left to right on the head is the input. Next to the input there is a gain control. Next there is a button for the two (out of four) softer channels, clean and crunch. Next to that is the bass control. Next there is the button that controls the two heavier channels: Overdrive 1 which is a good British distortion channel and Overdrive 2 which is the perfect channel for you to voice your heaviest, most creative solos. Next to that is the Middle (EQ) control. Next there is the treble control. Next there is a button to turn on reverb. Right next to the button is the reverb level control. (the reverb on this amp is VERY powerful and useful). Next is the volume control. Next to that is the button to turn on the on-board effects. Right next to it is the effect control where you can select between Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger. you can also select how much you want of the specific effect. Next is a cool feature: The tap button. If you like Delay that is where you "tap" the tempo of the delay you desire. Located right next to it is the delay control where you can select the output. Next to it is the external effects button where you can turn pedals that you have plugged in on and off. Next to that you have the master volume. Next there is the damping button which gives your tone a more tube sounding, beefier Marsahll tone. And last but not least the store button where you can hold to store your preferences. Thats a total of 9 knobs and 8 buttons to create your ultimate desired sound. Next lets talk about the CABINET, the cab has 4 12 inch speakers. The speakers are none other then CELESTIION. Celestion is known to make the top cabinet and combo speakers for both tube and solid state amps alike. Now to the the back of the head: on the left there is the power input, then the footswitch input, two cab/loudspeaker inputs, and mp3 line in (so you can play along to your favorite songs, a return input, and a send input. Also included with the purchase is a footswitch, an UNOPENED chorus pedal, and two wires to connect to cabs. I am asking $560.00 this amp but FEEL FREE TO NEGOTIATE. This amp is super EASY to use so call me to purchase or set up an appointment to view/try. I bought it from the store for about $700.00 CALL or TEXT ME AT (973) 934-7022. text me for pictures, my membership doesnt allow me to post a link


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