Bass Guitar - Carvin Neck-thru Jazz Bass

Bass Guitar listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number37897
Bass Guitar listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$700 OBO

Description: Bass Guitar - Carvin Neck-thru Jazz Bass

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Carvin Jazz bass I got from a friend that worked at blue note music in Berkeley (snobby jazz store) It was custom made for another customer while he was on vacation but I guess he never came back. I got it for $1,000 but the guy who originally ordered it would have paid $1,600+tax so I figured it was a good deal.

I've had it now for about ten years. It's seen many gigs and never any problems except once when a buddy knocked it over and the vol. nob fell out. I put it back in and it still worked the same so I never got it fixed. (been quoted $40 max to fix it properly)
The Vol. nob switches on the active pickup function. There's a bass, trebble, active boost and Pan (pickup to pickup) sf4 bridge, h50n pickups (active) and i think it's either a specially selected wood type or maybe a dark stained Koa or maybe alder? D'no. I remember it was not a standard wood or color and that it was extra. I've never seen another one this color.

I wish I were still playing shows but the last one was three years ago and I'm not getting any younger and it's not getting used at all!

Just had it appraised at three different stores in Sac+Berkeley+Davis (watermelon guitar center and starvin')
In it's current state this bass is worth about $750 - $850. Cleaned up with a service, neck tweak and so on, (about $100 depending on the store) $900 - $1,000

So I figure $700 is a fair price, $50 below the lowest appraised price.

email me with an offer

Pictures: Bass Guitar - Carvin Neck-thru Jazz Bass

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