Bass Trombone - Bach Stradivarius 50B3O Bass Trombone with BAM Case

Bass Trombone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33564
Bass Trombone listedbefore 2020
Price (US Dollars)$1987 + shipping

Description: Bass Trombone - Bach Stradivarius 50B3O Bass Trombone with BAM Case

I don't believe there's a better bass trombone on the market than the Bach Stradivarius 50B3 line, and you'd have a hard time finding a used one in better condition than this beautiful 50B3O. The horn is about 10 years old, it's only been owned by pros (there have only been two owners; I'm the second), and it's been babied right from day one: there's no plating wear, only a couple of spots of very minor lacquer wear (on the bracing struts around the main tuning slide), there are no scratches (except very minor scratches caused by normal use near the bell lock and on the tuning slides), no dents, and only a couple of very minor dings in the bell that you can barely see (from bumping into a padded gig stand).

All parts are original, the horn has never been refinished or replated, and it's never needed repairs because it's been so meticulously maintained. And you don't have to take my word for it; I've posted a dozen high-res close-up pictures of the horn from all different angles, so you can see exactly what you're getting (see the "further information" link below for the link to those pictures).

Most importantly, the horn plays like a dream: the slide is perfectly balanced, fast, and responsive, the open wrap makes playing with the triggers virtually seamless, and the sound is awesome; it has a big fat bass sound all the way down into the pedal register and a beautiful clear tone all the way up into the altissimo register. Put simply, in over twenty years as a professional trombonist, I've never played a better horn.

The horn has two triggers (F and Gb), a .562" bore, a 9-1/2" one-piece bell, an extremely fast chrome plated nickel silver inner slide, and an open wrap trigger section that makes the transition between open horn and triggers virtually seamless.

The list price on this horn brand new is USD $4,300.00, and it's worth every penny.

The BAM Classic Bass Trombone case is a lightweight case that offers heavyweight protection; the horn is cradled in high-density injection-molded polyurethane foam surrounded by a reinforced ABS shell covered with a polyamid water-resistant cover, and it only weighs about 8 lbs (and only about 15 lbs with the 50B3O in it!). In addition to standard carrying handles, it features a "subway" handle on the small end for carrying vertically in tight spots, and my favorite feature: backpack-style straps on the back of the case that allow you to take your bike to the gig! (Try that with the monster standard Bach wood-shell case!) For more info on the case, see the link near the top of the page linked to, below.

The list price on this case brand new is USD $380.

Brand new, this horn and case would set you back nearly USD $4,700, but right now, just USD $1,987 plus shipping will get you both.

Don't let this one get away!


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