Bass (Brasswind, Eb & Bb) - Roscoe SKB 3006 Bass Guitar wCase, extras

Bass (Brasswind, Eb & Bb) listing typeFor Sale
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Bass (Brasswind, Eb & Bb) listedbefore 2017
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Description: Bass (Brasswind, Eb & Bb) - Roscoe SKB 3006 Bass Guitar wCase, extras

This is an incredible bass that sounds amazing.
Tight ‘B’ string, even tone across all strings, and a dream to play.
Keith Roscoe makes a great bass and hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ve had the opportunity to play a few.
Beyond the looks, this bass plays exceptionally well for a 6’er.
There are a wide range of sounds possible on this bass with the Bart electronics.
You can get most any sound you want and do it easily, unlike many other bass .
Versatile, simple, and straight-forward on this bass
This bass has an exhibition grade quilted maple top,
spalted purpleheart fret board and 18-volt Bartolini electronics, 35” scale.
It is in excellent condition – virtually no fret wear.
There are minor surface scratches here and there – nothing that takes away
from the great look of this bass – and that can only be seen by holding the bass at just
the right angle to the light. There is also a tiny scratch on the back - there when I bought it.
Hardly noticeable at all unless you look very closely – I can’t take a picture of it – it
just doesn’t show up with my camera. This scratch is located in the black paint area up
where your right elbow might rest but again, on the back. I only mention these for
the most discriminating buyer (like myself) who looks for the most accurate description possible.

Serial Number is 4674. Soft shell case, strap locks, case strap all included.
The case has a missing ‘foot’, common on the soft cases. Otherwise the case is in good condition
Bonus - extra set of strings (still sealed)!!!

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