Bassoon - Adler Sonora Bassoon, Serial #6133

Bassoon listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number38901
Bassoon listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$2500 + shipping

Description: Bassoon - Adler Sonora Bassoon, Serial #6133

This is a semi-professional maple bassoon restored to very good playing condition including new pads, corks, and felts where needed, sealing the boot with silicone, oiling the bore, and replacement of the bell ring. Silver key plating is excellent, and wood finish is reasonable. Features include numerous rollers, tone hole inserts, Ab-Bb trill key on the boot, D-Eb trill key on the wing joint, left thumb whisper key lock, special low Eb-Db linkage allowing low register trills, and high D key. Included are two bocals in good condition (no manufacturer indicated), body lock, rosewood crutch, and brand new ProTec case.

This bassoon plays very well with even intonation from low Bb to high D, and is an excellent value for the asking price.


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