Bassoon - Puchner

Bassoon listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30950
Bassoon listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$8000 +shipping

Description: Bassoon - Puchner

This is an incredible instrument. I have tried many Fox 201s and 601s and they simply do not compare. It comes with two Heckel bocals, one regular and one “high note.” The instrument has an amazing free and open tone. When playing the Foxes, I had always felt restricted, not with this instrument. A slight drawback (I believe because the mid and lower register is so great) is the upper register is somewhat difficult. When I had to play anything higher than Rite of Spring, I had to use the high register bocal. Another drawback is the noisy key system, but that can be easily fixed. I was a serious player and was offered full scholarships to Baylor, USC, and University of Miami with this horn. I am sad to part with it, but I am attending law school in the fall, and I would rather someone use to make music than it collecting dust. Try it out; I think you will be hard press to find another instrument like it. Also comes with case cover and back pack straps. On a side note, the Puchner does not have a serial number. I personally know the two previous owners (my band director, and one of his pupils) and they had no explanation for it. At a music convention I ran into Mr. Puchner, himself (a later generation, of course). He said that it was probably one of several instruments that disappeared off the assembly line during World War II. This instrument will ship from Houston.

Sam Bergstrom


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