Bassoon - Bonna Bassoon Case for sale!

Bassoon listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number44201
Bassoon listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$385 (includes shipping)

Description: Bassoon - Bonna Bassoon Case for sale!

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For sale is a Marcus Bonna bassoon case, purchased in late 2010. This lightweight case is still one of the most reliable around. It is sturdy and compact, with black nylon material providing protection from outside elements. The case shows signs of the usual wear since it was purchased, but these are pretty slight. The inside is spotless except for a worn marking where the top of the long joint has rubbed against the material (this wear is minimal and only seen once the bassoon is removed). The outside has one or two small marks, but is more or less clean of any smudges, tears, etc. I have attached a different patch than what came with the case- this is easily removed if desired or it can be left on. It's a fun patch and may get you a few smiles from passersby!!

Included with the case are two bocal pouches. The original backpack straps will be included along with a new set of very comfy, very durable backpack straps that I purchased separately (BONUS!). I use Paypal for transactions. The $385 price includes shipping costs for the case. If you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures, please send me a message.

Pictures: Bassoon - Bonna Bassoon Case for sale!

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