Bassoon - Fox 220 - excellent condition

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Description: Bassoon - Fox 220 - excellent condition

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Fox Renard Artist model 220 bassoon. New cork on all tenon joints, pads in excellent shape, bore recently oiled, Fox Doublestar CVX2 and original Fox C1 bocals included - both in perfect shape, hard case is slightly worn inside but perfect outside, Jean Cavallaro case cover. This is an older 220 - made in 1984 - that went unplayed for many years. There are minor blemishes on the chair side of the boot joint, normal for any instrument that has seen moderate use. No sign of wear at all around the finger holes. Plays perfectly. New 220 instruments are selling for well over $7000 - check with woodwinds/brasswinds site.

The 220 is a long bore design that produces a wonderful balance between excellent intonation stability and a beautiful sound - perfect for any advanced student through college level.

The finish is acrylic enamel. The mechanism is top quality as you would expect from Fox: Nickel silver keys with silver plating. Full German system with additional high D and E keys. Ring key for wing joint third finger hole. Right hand whisper key lock. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat), D(flat), right thumb B(flat), and F(sharp), in combination with a crowned E key. B(flat) guard. Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing joint to prevent water from entering the tone holes. All posts set in epoxy and spring posts are locked with screws. The Renard series from Fox is so good that they have had trouble selling their professional grade instruments, which cost more than twice the price. Fox was the first bassoon maker to offer a pitch guarantee, and the 220 is one of the designs that made that promise possible. You can reach me at: ca5361 at hotmail dot com.

Pictures: Bassoon - Fox 220 - excellent condition

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