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This is truly a wonderful instrument. I bought it new two years ago directly from the manufacturers and have used it during my studies with Bill Buchman and Kim Laskowski. Danny Matsukawa bought one of these instruments for himself after I bought this one. The instrument is their professional 214c model. This series was designed to the specifications and desires of Klaus Thunemann and is the instrument he is using now. The “c” denotes “compact.” The bassoon has solid silver tone holes and silver-plated keys. In addition to this, every post that goes into the bassoon, and the rings around the joints, are all gold-plated; even the u-tube is gold plated! The keywork is the most ergonomic and comfortable keywork I have ever felt on a bassoon. This is also the opinion shared by many of the people who have tried my instrument. It has a baroque style bell, which had been the favorite choice of most of their consumers at the time (when given the choice between this style and a more 'traditional' style). I have also just replaced the bell with one of their new model bells. This bell seems to nicely improve the resonance of the instrument, giving it a very robust feel. The instrument is extremely responsive and I have found very few instruments with such good response. It is very easy to get soft and controlled attacks. This control and response extends very well into slurring, etc. The bassoon possesses a traditional dark German sound, but is very rich and well-balanced. This was a request of Klaus Thunemann since he believes that modern Heckels are too bright. I am very upset to part with this instrument. I have been encouraged to switch to a Heckel and simply just can't afford to keep both. This instrument is a wonderful alternative if you can't afford a Heckel and don't like Fox bassoons. In fact, it is probably reasonable to say that this instrument is much better than the professional Fox bassoons. The bassoon comes with a Leitzinger bocal. This bocal was bent by Bill Buchman to improve the angle at which the reed enters the mouth. This is the bocal I used on the instrument for the first year-and-a-half before buying a pre-war Heckel bocal. It works very nicely on the instrument. My words can't do this instrument justice. It is something you need to play in order to appreciate. I am willing to ship the instrument for a 2 week trial period. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions!

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