Bassoon - Puchner Bassoon Model 23

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Instrument number43532
Bassoon listedbefore 2017
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Description: Bassoon - Puchner Bassoon Model 23

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Puchner Original Model bassoon with additional keywork; coparable to Model 23. Wonderful sound quality, free-blowing and great projection. A pleasure to play. The owner won a full scholarship to Indiana University School of Music on this horn and is now playing a Heckel.

Instrument has keywork to high E, silver water tubes, A-whisper key linkage, balance hanger and rollers. Two Puchner bocals and a Fox artist case, and standard accessories are included; can substitute Heckel bocal and Bonna case if desired.

Pictures: Bassoon - Puchner Bassoon Model 23

Picture of Bassoon - Puchner Bassoon Model 23


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