Bassoon - Puchner Model 6000 Superior Bassoon

Bassoon listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number28598
Bassoon listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$8000 or best offer

Description: Bassoon - Puchner Model 6000 Superior Bassoon

Made of curly mountain maple wood
Stained in dark red-brown color
Hand polished
Specially impregnated wood
divided long joint, silver plated mechanism
12 keys made of genuine silver
wing joint: 1 ring, piano key
boot joint: 1 ring, F, F sharp, Ab keys, A spatula, Bb, E, F sharp spatula
long joint: C sharp, E flat spatula
waterproof pads, automatic G ring key, high D key, high E key, E-F sharp trill, Eb key on wing joint, double spatula for high E, automatic whisper key, mechanism in connection with low E key, can also be handled on the wing joint, whisper key lock for left thumb optimized
Ab - Bb trill key (boot joint) with multifunctional possibilities to trill
F - F sharp und A flat key moved closer on boot joint, with broader A flat key
double C sharp key on boot joint
A flat long key on boot joint and C sharp long key on long joint with protection device
protection device for D with ring on long joint ("protection for tails")
C sharp key with angular link
adjusting screw on long Bb key (long joint) to optimize intonation of low register
whisper key mechanism, link between E cover to whisper key mechanism and B und Bb key (long joint) equipped with gliding roller
C plate in minimized design
balancehanger, handrest in ebony, especially adapted to the hand
15 rollers: 1 on whisper key (wing joint), 1 on C sharp key (wing joint), 1 on F key, 1 on F sharp key little finger right hand, 1 on G sharp key little finger right hand, 1 on Bb key right thumb, 2 on low E key right thumb, 2 on F sharp key for thumb, 1 on G sharp key for right thumb, 1 on C sharp and 1 on D sharp key on long joint, 1 on low D key left thumb, 1 on low C key left thumb
5 finger holes and 1 tone hole lined with silver tubes extending into the bore,
1 tone hole rubber lined, the wing joint bore as well as the wide and small side bore of the boot joint lined


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