Bassoon - Schreiber Bassoon Model WS 5016-2-0

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Description: Bassoon - Schreiber Bassoon Model WS 5016-2-0

Standard size keywork is mounted on this bassoon. From this
model onwards, all instruments are equipped with a whisper key
lock, a second Bb key for the ring finger and a C# trill for the
index finger of the right hand. This Schreiber bassoon with its
good intonation and its wonderful sound, offers the musicians
the best opportunities for their musical development.

Specifications of this bassoon:

Model WS 5016-2-0

25 keys including high-D key, double
C-touchpiece and whisper key lock for the left hand
4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb
silver-plated keywork
Body from 10 year old alpine maple wood.
New bore.
A special epoxy resin lining in the
wing and to over Ab tone hole in the boot joint.
2 hand hammered, soldered and bent
bocals, silver-plated.


Alpine maple Body;
Slowly Grown and selected wood.

New Bore;
Excellent intonation and wonderfull sound projection

Special Luracast bore lining to Ab;
Resists moisture and induced wood rot.

Polished polyurethane varnish finish;
Beautiful, Transparent, durable finish, ( up to 13 layers)
which brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

Brass socket liners in the boot joint;
Prevents chipping and cracking, offers durable stability.

Metal tenon caps;
Stabilisers tennons of wing and long joint in the tenon socket,
prevents cracking and damage.

Natural cork tenon wrappings;
Easy fitting of the instrument, provides durability and stability of the instrument.

Drawn and bent brass U-tubes;
Regular bore continuation for best sound projection and response.

Hard rubber finger hole inserts protruding into the bore;
Prevents moisture build up.

Tone holes hand-sanded and sealed with a special oil varnish;
Ensures perfect seating of the leather pads and offers excellent
airtightness and protection from moisture.

25 keys including high-D key, double C-touchpiece and
whisper key lock for the left hand;
Ergonomical adapted key work for playing comfort.

Silver-plated nickel-silver keys;
Long durability and good feel.

Headless pivot screws;
Easy repair regulation.

Anatomically formed hand crutch;
Adjustable in height for comfortable positioning of hand.

Each instrument is tested by a professional bassoon player;
Only faultless instruments are delivered.

All our new instruments have been
through our Workshop, Personally checked by our
Expert Technicians and Professional players.

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