Bassoon - Walther Kroner Bassoon, Mod. 450 (NEW)

Bassoon listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number32429
Bassoon listedbefore 2015
Price (US Dollars)$4475 Negotiable

Description: Bassoon - Walther Kroner Bassoon, Mod. 450 (NEW)

(added 12/29/06)This Kroner has been sold to a very worthy student. Thank you.(added) 5/11/06 Regarding the sonics of this particular Kroner: This bassoon plays with a larger proportion of upper partials and a well defined core, allowing it a more individual presence within a "chamber enviroment". The base register is full and with harmonic charactor. It is reminiscent of the earlier short bore bassoons.

New Kroner bassoon, manufactured in Western Germany, of Yugoslavian mountain maple, with rich, dark, red/brown finish. Keywork includes high D and E, D-Eb trill, rt. hand whisper lock, Ab-Bb trill, add'l rollers on front and back F#. Shipped with 2 bocals. The sole importer for the Kroner and Puchner bassoon is Custom Music Co. in Ferndale, MI. These Kroner bassoons (apparently manufactured by the Oscar Adler firm) are both designed and fabricated to very high standards. The workmanship is exemplary. After received in the US, the Kroner goes through a formidable regulation, with the same standard as set forth by the Cooper/Puchner tradition. These techniques are clearly delineated on the Custom Music website. This particular Kroner plays with a water transparent sound, devoid of any stuffiness. There isn't either voicing or pitch anomalies. It's of characteristic short bore design. It plays well with the stock bocals, however the potential for this bassoon will be realized further by matching it with a bocal of the player's choice.


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