Clarinet - C13 Int'l Buffet Wood Bb Clarinet - MINT CONDITION

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Description: Clarinet - C13 Int'l Buffet Wood Bb Clarinet - MINT CONDITION

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The clarinet is in mint condition. I just finished thoroughly polishing and cleaning the instrument and I could find no noticeable defects, cracks, or blemishes of any kind. The keys have a nice new shine and the body of the clarinet has a black luster; it is truly a beautiful instrument and I hate to part with it. I have checked that the keys all work and that the serial numbers match up among the pieces of the instrument (Serial No. 951916).

I am including all of the accessories that I purchased along with the instrument. There is an upgraded hard case with metallic latches and an ID tag chain; it is very sturdy and is padded inside with a cloth interior. A cleaning kit that I purchased includes three brushes for cleaning your instrument, a synthetic chamois for drying out the instrument (thoroughly washed and dried), a chemically-treated polishing cloth just for wood clarinets, bottles of bore and key oil, a tube of cork grease, and a box of 8 Rico clarinet reeds (2 1/2 strength) with individual plastic reed holders. At the time that I purchased my instrument, my clarinet major friends also advised me to get an upgraded mouthpiece and ligature, so I am also including the upgraded professional Vandoren M13 mouthpiece (the mouthpiece is the most fundamental part of the clarinet as it produces the sound and is an important upgrade for tone quality) and upgraded Rovner dark inverted ligature (suited for classical music because its construction absorbs high frequency overtones and produces a sound which is less bright). Finally, there are two black thumb rest cushions you can place on the adjustable thumb rest (this helps players to handle the weight of the instrument).

In terms of the clarinet itself, it is made of select grenadilla wood and is the top of the German-made line of Buffet clarinets. I really did my research before initially purchasing the instrument; the C13 International model is considered a conservatory-level clarinet and is intended for students going on to study professionally at the intermediate/advanced levels. It is an excellent instrument and is an upgrade from the E series (such as the E11 model). Buffet clarinets are known for being top-quality instruments, with many features such as undercut tone holes and polycylindrical bores.

Included in this auction:

* Buffet-Crampon Bb C13 International Clarinet (Serial No. 951916)
* Vandoren M13 Professional Mouthpiece
* Rovner Dark Ligature
* Hard-shell clarinet case with ID tag
* Box of 8 Rico Bb clarinet reeds (2 1/2 strength) with individual reed carrying cases
* Repair kit including: cork grease, two thumb rest cushions, key oil, bore oil, mouthpiece brush, duster brush, clarinet chamois, cotton brush swab

Pictures: Clarinet - C13 Int'l Buffet Wood Bb Clarinet - MINT CONDITION

Picture of Clarinet - C13 Int'l Buffet Wood Bb Clarinet - MINT CONDITION


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