Clarinet - Clarinet Bb Rosewood Boehm system Brand New

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Description: Clarinet - Clarinet Bb Rosewood Boehm system Brand New


Hakam Din

Bb Clarinet, 17 keys, 6 rings, Rosewood body, undercutting of each tone hole is carried out with stringent standards, high precision bore, nickel-silver key work tested and adjusted by expert craftsmen, stainless steel rods and pivot screws, fixed thumb rest.

The Boehm system (the most commonly used system on both flutes and clarinets today) developed from a type of clarinet developed by Iwan Muller, which was used up until the late 1800s. Klosť and Buffet adapted the Boehm system to the clarinet in about 1840, and although the clarinet has changed a little since then, the fingering system which we use now is much the same. The Boehm system positions holes and keys for comfort, and eliminates cross-fingerings, (A cross-fingering or fork fingering is one where some holes are covered by the fingers but other holes in between are uncovered.) while at the same time making the instrument more stable, and more in tune. Along with the clarinet and flute, the system is also used on saxophones, oboes and partially on bassoons.

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HAKAMDIN Products are renowned for their quality of sound and craftsmanship at home and abroad. With ninety-eight years of experience behind us our reputation is our guarantee.

Hakamdin products are part of an extensive and thoroughly documented collection at the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND in Edinburgh and HORNIMAN MUSEUM LONDON.


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