Clarinet - Left-handed Albert-system clarinet

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Description: Clarinet - Left-handed Albert-system clarinet

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The Albert system was the system of clarinet keywork developed by Eugène Albert, who was a Belgian clarinet-maker, based in Brussels. It is still on clarinets used for Albanian (among other eastern European countries) folk music, for the reason that for the scales played in such music, faster playing is possible with the system. The system is also used among jazz groups, particularly in the jazz capital of the US, New Orleans.

The Albert system has 13/14 keys and two rings, as opposed to the 22/5 in the Oehler system and the 17/6 in the Boehm system. It is for this reason that the Albert system is often referred to as a type of simple system clarinet. Differences between Albert system and Boehm system (from the Boehm perspective) are:1) Fewer rings, and rearranged/missing keys in between rings.2) G# key does not cross under A key.3) Wraparound register key.4) Two less trill keys at right.5) Missing F# (below middle C) key at left and two missing keys from block of four at bottom of clarinet.6) The fingerings for B/Bb (below middle C) are also changed around.

Brand new, Handmade, 13 keys, 2 rings, ABS body, nickle-plated keys, comes with case and mouthpiece kit. Availble in Rose wood and Black wood.


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