Clarinet - Selmer Paris Grenadilla Alto Clarinet (1967)

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Instrument number27938
Clarinet listedbefore 2017
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Description: Clarinet - Selmer Paris Grenadilla Alto Clarinet (1967)

I purchased this Selmer alto clarinet about a year ago for an all-state audition. I had it checked, adjusted, etc. in August or September of 2002. Some pads were replaced. It is in excellent playing condition. There are no cracks in the wood, only a few small scratches that only affect the instrument cosmetically and are hardly noticeable. All of the keys are SHINY, not dull, and in working order; none are broken or missing. The corks are all intact, the one on the joint of the top half of the clarinet appears to have been recently replaced. This instrument is in magnificent condition for having been made in 1967. Included with the instrument is a C* mouthpiece; it is, however, slightly discolored but serves its purpose. The vintage case that the instrument came in is a rich tan color. Parts of the stiching have come undone, and small pieces of the edges are missing. It is sturdy and protects the clarinet securely. There is a slight discoloration on one side of the case that has been there since I obtained the clarinet. I have not tried to clean it off, so with some luck it might be removed. The case is lined with red velvet felt, that has some black discoloration from oil or grease that built up at the ends of each section of the clarinet. There are two latches on the case, each with a lock, but I do not have the key. Both function, but one of the latches is a tad temperamental. The case is ALSO in extremely good shape for having been made in 1967. I am including with the alto clarinet a neck strap, (6) #2 1/2 Vandoren alto clarinet reeds, and cork grease. I hope you'll find playing this instrument as enjoyable as I have! Thanks for looking.


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