Cornet (Eb and Bb) - Excellent Besson Sovereign 928,Yamaha 'Maestro' YCR6335HS, Silver

Cornet (Eb and Bb) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number32484
Cornet (Eb and Bb) listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$600 shipping ard $70

Description: Cornet (Eb and Bb) - Excellent Besson Sovereign 928,Yamaha 'Maestro' YCR6335HS, Silver

$600!! My Brass band is interested in selling two underutilised besson Sovereign cornets model 928. Their conditions are 9.5/10. I also have a Yamaha YCR6335HS 'Maestro' Cornet Bb. Finish - Silver Plated. Large bore, 1st and 3rd valve triggers. Full professional model. Totally no dings and in absolutely excellent condition. The maestro is my personal instrument and i have taken great care of it. I'm interested in selling it for US$1000.

I'm selling the instruments at such a low price as they are white elephants to me now that i have no use for them and i wish to use the money from sales to overhaul my old bach strad. Therefore, i want to sell them off quickly and thus set such a low price for them.

The Besson cornets are Silver plated and bought new from a local dealer at around 1500 US$ (checked) in 2003. It comes value added with triggers for the 1st and 3rd valve. Its a shepard crook model.

The Yamaha Maestro's current retail price inclusive of VAT is around US$2,889

All of them look new and have been treated with great care. no dings. All the valves and slides are smooth, newly oiled and i only just sent the instruments for maintainence a couple of weeks ago.

Looking to sell each besson at around 600 US$ and the Yamaha Maestro at 1000 US$. Its honestly a steal for the condition it is in. If you want pictures, feel free to ask through email =)

I'm selling only because my brass band has closed and i have no use for so many cornets. It was a worthy investment as they are good horns, and i'm selling it at a much lower price than what it should be worth as i have 3 to sell. Price is negotiable. If interested please send an email to "chiochio at".

Shipping differs with location but usually, express shipping from singapore to the US costs $70. You have complete control of the price and speed of shipping when we trade.

p.s. i do not want to trade using paypal as i have had bad experiences in the past. money transfer to my bank account would be quicker and save the administration fees on both sides.

Clarence Chio,


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