Cornet (Eb and Bb) - Pocket-Cornet! Handmade!

Cornet (Eb and Bb) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number29817
Cornet (Eb and Bb) listedbefore 2017
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Description: Cornet (Eb and Bb) - Pocket-Cornet! Handmade!

Hakam Din's hand made cornets and trumpets have been playing an important part in the world of music for more then 70 years. The individual musician places rigorous demand on his instrument! and rightly so, not only does it have to work flawlessly, it must also be easy to play, be in perfect tune and comfortable to hold, so that, even after many hours of playing, you will not feel tired. Hakam Din's range of cornets and trumpets, entirely meet these demands.

Straight from Pakistan Factory


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