Double Bass (Contrabass) - Old Czech Double Bass

Double Bass (Contrabass) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number29700
Double Bass (Contrabass) listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)up to around $12000 OBO

Description: Double Bass (Contrabass) - Old Czech Double Bass

BASS INFORMATION: It is a Anonymous (no label) Czech (although possibly German) Double Bass that is around 100 years old. It is a flatback (It is a Bohemian flat back, as I understand it. Bohemia was once part of Czechelslavakia), gamba-cornered bass. The bass itself is fitted with bumers, because the top and back are flush with the ribs. It does have the original hatpeg tuners, with a newly carved maple bridge with adjusters, as well as an aileron-cable tailgut and an ULSA "Massif" endpin. It currently has Pirastro Permanent strings, which really make the sound incredible! It has a very attractive medium brown spirit varnish. This bass works well for either jazz or orchestral work. I have played works by Bottesini, Capuzzi and Dragonetti, and it gets them across perfectly. A wonderful bass for any style of playing.

OTHER INFORMATION: The bass was restored by Mr. Timothy Alan Fox. It is a very stable bass that plays beautifully, perfect for a serious student who is interested in pursueing double bass in college.


I am willing to meet someone half way wants to purchase the bass.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME PLAY IT? Anybody is welcome to come to my home and play the bass and get a feel for how it sounds, serious inquiries only please. Email me for address of my home or other questions you might have about the bass. If you want to see pictures, please email me also!
This bass most likely will be sold quickly, becaues it is old, and good basses that are old(and actually sound this good) and arent 20 K are hard to find. If it comes down to a matter of money, I am flexible (reasonably). Fact of the matter is that this bass is a solid instrument, even in all registers, and its an antique. So if you buy it from me, it will APPRECIATE with value, and in 5-6 years it'll be worth around 20 K at least.


This is not a current listing. See more double basses.

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