Double Bass (Contrabass) - Old Italian Rare

Double Bass (Contrabass) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number28770
Double Bass (Contrabass) listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$32000

Description: Double Bass (Contrabass) - Old Italian Rare

I am retired from the Richmond Symphony after 27 years and Graduated from Juilliard in 1974. This Bass is the type you keep for a lifetime, itís a real love to play and everyone else in the section hears you when you play. Iíd say they only come available after some old bass player dies and it needs to get sold by the estate. I also get lots of compliments when I play in small chamber situations. It was not meant to sit almost idle. I bought the Bass around 1976 from Dave Horine .at the Cincinnati Bass Shop. Before I did I tested it against the Italian an other quality Basses in the National Symphony at Constitution Hall, It easily matched up to the quality, it has an articulate and big sound for a small body flat back bass (42 inch string length). The wood I was told is pear wood and the finish very dark maybe not original. Age to be around 250+ years, no labels, or papers and of course its had lots of repairs, Mr. Horine said he did a lot to it. I was at the ISB convention in Rich. in June and got to play lots of big name /with papers and big prices Basses, this easily matches up. I found however in order to sell it through a dealer that they want me to pay for a lot of repairs to it before they offer it for sale and then charge 25% + as a fee, !!!! Itís playable as is but there are things that could be done. It is set up so it plays very easily as I am a small person. It should be with a 1st chair player or someone aspiring to be one. You will have to know a quality sound or have someone you trust help you. I donít know that it will sell here but this is the start of my plans to sell it before Iím too old or dead. For fun I will buy something to still play with but that is not such a major instrument. I am also willing to pay a referral fee if you bring me the final buyer (Dealers welcome). You can call me to talk or come to Rich. Va. To play it. 804 323 9649 cell 804 247 4957. This is a rare opportunity to get a rare instrument Look for it on ebay as of 1/27/04, Item # 3700540420


This is not a current listing. See more double basses.

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