Double Bass (Contrabass) - Norton Ultimate Jazz Laminate 3/4 Bass -- Oil Varnish

Double Bass (Contrabass) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number29214
Double Bass (Contrabass) listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$2399 + shipping

Description: Double Bass (Contrabass) - Norton Ultimate Jazz Laminate 3/4 Bass -- Oil Varnish

The "Ultimate Jazz Laminate" from Norton Customs. Based on a Samuel Shen SB100 laminated double bass, this instrument is intended for the serious student or gigging pro who demands great tone and playability, but also needs the durability that a carved instrument simply cannot offer. This bass offers all the features of much more expensive instruments -- beautiful varnish, excellent setup, top-grade hardware and superb tone -- without the added fragility and temperamental nature of a carved bass.

Features: This bass comes with a host of upgrades, including a beautiful quilted maple compensated tailpiece, custom-made individual tuners, adjustable bridge and -- here's the kicker -- genuine, hand-applied and antiqued OIL VARNISH for maximum tone, volume and finish wear resistance.

Setup: The Ultimate Jazz Laminate comes to you with a full, professional setup. The custom round fingerboard (instead of bevelled) has been dressed precisely for LOW string action free of buzzes. The bass has a high-quality soundpost, expertly fitted bridge, adjusted nut, and aircraft cable tailpiece cord. The bass comes with Thomastik Spirocore (Medium) strings to deliver that big jazz tone and growl.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: Norton Customs assures your satisfaction. When you purchase a bass from NC, you have 48 hours to decide if it's right for you. If not, you may return it for a full refund, less any shipping costs. The instrument is expected to be in the same condition as delivered.

Availability: The bass will be completed and ready to ship by mid-August. Please feel free to get in touch should you have interest or questions.

Shipping / Delivery: NC will ship just about anywhere in the world. NC has shipped basses across the country and across the globe safely and quickly. All orders ship FOB Ferndale, MI. Buyer is responsible for freight costs and any duties, taxes or other fees which may be incurred based on buyer's location. Pickups are always welcome. Arrangements can be made to meet within 200 miles of Detroit.

Visit Norton Customs for more information and many more pics! Please visit the link below to learn more about Norton Customs and to view more photos of the bass. Located in Detroit, NC is a custom shop serving double bass players of all stripes. Owner, musician and professional finisher Brent Norton performs all finish work and customer service, so you're always dealing with the owner directly.


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