Drum kit - 9 piece pearl forum kit with many extras

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number34112
Drum kit listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$1300

Description: Drum kit - 9 piece pearl forum kit with many extras

The body of this drumset is 99%, cymbals/stands 98%, heads 95%!!!! AWESOME CONDITION!!!! HAD VERY VERY little play time!!

right off the bat, the ONLY flaw on this entire set is a few little sticky spots on the bass drums heads from a few tiny stickers that were on there but i peeled off (goo gone and it'll be gone in 2 minutes)...thats it, everything else is just plain SICK!!

Jet black Pearl Forum kit, somewhat doubled up. Comes with TWO floor toms, FOUR toms across (two different sizes), snare drum/stand, and TWO single bass drums, WITH TWO SINGLE IRON COBRA BASS PEDALS!!!

Im throwing in a TAMA drum cushioned throne, mint condition with stand!!

The cymbals included are as follows...
14"/36cm China
16"/40cm Medium Thin Crash
20"/51cm Medium Ride
The only Non-ZXT Symbal is an 18"/45cm Zildjian Oriental China "TRASH"

... ALL STANDS ARE LIKE NEW AND INCLUDED!! ONE STAND HAS AN EXTENSION INCLUDED AS WELL!! Im also including a Zildjian cymbal bag to store the cymbals in!!

Little things included are 3 pairs of used sticks, a DW drum key, used moon-gels, and a Pearl home video (vhs) called "AN INTRODUCTION TO DRUMMING" featuring eric singer from alice cooper.(instructional video covering assembly, set-up, tuning, and technique...i'll also throw in a piece of carpet i cut to fit the set perfectly, just because im a nice guy...

If you've followed me so far, heres the list
9 piece drum-set
2 iron cobra pedals
5 cymbals
tama throne
cymbal bag
4 stands with one extension
3 pairs of sticks
a drum key
moon gels
instructional video
carpet to lay the sucker down...

that about sums it up. THE RETAIL PRICE FOR ALL THIS IS OVER $2000!! 1,300 is a steal!! IT'S IN 98% MINT CONDITION!! I WILL GO NO LOWER. Jump on this offer and start playing shows now...

Just for a background check on this kit i'll give you alittle info...I bought the set about 2 years ago with a friend that was just a beginner. We got it hoping that he could practice to get good enough to start a death metal band. BUT sure enough he bailed on me within ONE YEAR, and since his views musically changed SO DRAMATICALLY, he didnt even care that i kept the set... It sat protected in my basement for the past year. It's MY set and im selling it to which ever lucky person wants it...

Id personally prefer to sell it to a brutal ass metal drummer thats going to use it to its full possible extent since thats what i like to hear, and thats the way i intended the set to be when it was purchased (but hey, whoever wants it, gets it)..This drumset is DEFINATELY the metal kit you've been looking for and will need nothing more than a cymbal or two to leave you covered COMPLETELY INVISIBLE behind a wall of skins and cymbals...

This drum-set is located in downtown bayonne new jersey.


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