Drum kit - ddrum 4 SE Cast Precision Mesh Kit +PLUS EXTRAS+

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Instrument number34009
Drum kit listedbefore 2018

Description: Drum kit - ddrum 4 SE Cast Precision Mesh Kit +PLUS EXTRAS+


I'm selling a ddrum 4 SE Cast Precision Mesh Kit plus extras. Kit is in good condition and sounds amazing. There are some minor scuff marks and dings on the rackstand, but everything works perfectly.

- ddrum4 Brain Module
- 5 Piece Cast Precision Mesh Padset
- Cymbal Pack (2 Cymbals and 1 Cast Hi Hat)
- All necessary Cables
- Owners Manual
- Heavy Duty Chromed Steel Rackstand (including snare stand and brain

2 - Tom L-Arms
2 - Clamps for L-Arms
1 - Long Ratchet L Tom Arm
1 - Clamp for Ratchet
2 - Support Legs w/ L-Arm Extension for ddrum cymbals
1 - Support Crossbar (Curved)
2 - Support Clamps To Attach Crossbar To Legs
1 - Brain Holder (Consists of long aluminum tube with 2 support arms)
1 - Clamp for Brain Holder
1 - Snare Stand (Legless)
1 - Small Multi-Clamp (Snare Side)
1 - Large Multi-Clamp (Snare to Leg)

- A separate snare stand (sturdier)
- Yamaha 700 series aFP-7210 kick pedal
- Yamaha 700 series HS-740 Hi-Hat stand
- M-Audio USB 1x1 MIDI Interface (download sounds to ddrum4 brain)
- M-audio CD installer
- extra mesh head

Paid $2800 total less than a year ago. I can let everything go for $2200.

Get in touch if interested. Thanks!

More Info:
The ddrum 4 SE module holds exclusive Mega Drumkits Signature Series drum sounds recorded by the famous drummers Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff and Mel Gaynor in the Galaxy studio in Belgium. All Signature sounds are played by each individual drummer. The drummers use their own typical setup with drums and cymbals. It's their tuning, their choice of drum heads etc. From each session Clavia carefully selected and processed the sounds and tailored them to fit the ddrum4 SE drum system. The ddrum4 SE sounds can also be fetched free of charge at clavia's official website.

Each individual Signature instrument in the ddrum4 SE module is built up by a vast number of samples to catch every nuance from the acoustic drum. Whether it's a snare drum sound or tom-tom sound, each instrument will give you what you need throughout the whole dynamic range. The new Signature sounds takes the playing feel of the ddrum4 drum system to a higher level. The ddrum4 SE sounds are especially designed for drummers that appreciate a more acoustic feel from the ddrum4 drum system.

Thanks to the superb dynamic range and the fast triggering response of the ddrum4 SE system, the sound of the new ddrum4 Signature drumkits is much closer to acoustic drums than ever before. But as always, try it out yourself. Check out the new ddrum4 SE at your music store and hear for yourself. You'll be surprised over how 'alive' the ddrum4 SE system sounds and feels.


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