Drum kit for sale - Remo Master Touch Drums/ Sabian Cymbals(Pantera Style Kit)

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number41932
Drum kit listed on28 Jul 2011
Price (US Dollars)$1700

Drum kit Location: Pensacola, FL, USA

Description: Drum kit for sale - Remo Master Touch Drums/ Sabian Cymbals(Pantera Style Kit)

Remo Custom Master Touch Series Drum Set For Sale

This Kit is the same type of kit that “Vinnie Paul the drummer for Pantera” used on the Vulgar Display of Power Album and Tour and The Far Beyond Driven Album and Tour.

I bought this kit when I was in a Pantera /Mega Death Cover band and played many shows with it. If you are into Pantera drum tones or just flat out killer metal drums, this is a great kit for that! The drums are to big for my apartment and I would like them to have a good home. Having a hard time letting go of my kit because I have a LOT of memories with this kit. J

Drums sizes:
Bass Drum 24” X 24”
Tom 1 12” X 12”
Tom 2 13” X 13”
Tom 3 14” X 14”
Floor Tom 18” X 18”
Dixon Snare Drum 3” X 13” (sounds awesome!!)

All Sabian Cymbals:
AA Rock Hi-Hats 14”
AA Rock Crash 18”
AA Chinese 18”
AA Splash 12”
AA Rocktagon 6” (really cool sound)
B-8 Pro Ride 20”

Custom Gibraltar and Tama Rack
DW 5000 Hi-Hat stand
Original Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedal
Yamaha Snare Stand
ROC-N-SOC hydraulic Motorcycle seat drum throne
A Variety of Extra Parts and another Bass Drum 24” X 24” that has never been put together. I have all the hardware for the Bass Drum.

Drum Heads:
Tom heads- Tops are Remo pinstripes
Bottoms are Remo Ebony series
Kick heads-Batter Aquarian super kick 1 with a Remo double kick flamslam pad
Outside head is an Aquarian Ebony head with a 4” mic hole


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