Drum kit - Yamaha Custom Standard Drum Set/ With 5 PC. Sabian Cymbals

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number29412
Drum kit listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$825 OR OBO

Description: Drum kit - Yamaha Custom Standard Drum Set/ With 5 PC. Sabian Cymbals

Drum Features:
- 8-ply shells, Birch and Philippine Mahogany, the combination of these wood types are custom crafted to create unique sounds, long-lasting durability, and true shape and consistency
- Natural Wood Finish
- Mahogany wood inner plies enhances low end
- Air Seal System shell with staggered diagonal seams, plies of wood are sealed together with evenly distributed air pressure ensuring that every shell is perfectly round.
- Matching wood bass drum hoops provide true tuning, pure fundamental tone, and professional appearance.
- Mounted toms equipped with YESS mounts (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System)
- 1-piece Hi-tension lug casing provides reliable noise-free control

Drum Equipment:
- Sabian AAX Stage Hi-Hat (14/36 cm)
- Sabian AAX Stage Crash (16/41 cm)
- Sabian Hand Hammered HH Rock Crash (16/41 cm)
- Sabian AAX Stage Ride (20/51 cm)
- Sabian Hand Hammered HH Crash (13/33 cm)
- Rock Style Cow Bell
- 1 Steel Yamaha Snare Drum 14 x 16
- 2 Yamaha Mounted toms 1, 12 x 10 and the other 13 x 11"
- 1 Yamaha Floor tom 16 x 16
- 1 Yamaha Bass Drum 22x 17

Cymbal Stands/Other Accessories:
- Yamaha Drum Stooll
- Yamaha Snare Stand
- Yamaha Chain Driven Hi-Hat Stand (Professional Model)
- 2 Yamaha Cymbal Stands With Offset Tilter
- Yamaha Mounted Cymbal Stand With Offset Tilter
- Yamaha Cymbal Stand with Boom, The wing bolt on the boom is made of heat-treated steel, so it eliminates the slippage of the boom arm.
- Yamaha Steel Chain Driven Bass Dum Pedal
- Pearl Cow Bell Clamp
- DrumDial Drum Tuner
- Coffin Case Drumstick Bag, which includes inside: 2 pairs of Vic Firth American Classic Rock drum sticks, 1 pair of Vic Firth American Classic 5A drum sticks, 2 steel drum brush sticks, 1 gripe tape, and a bottle of Gibraltar Lube for your bass drum pedal
- Sabian Cymbal Case
The Yamaha Custom Standard drum set & all of the hardware is only a year old & is in excellent condition. The drum set sounds excellent; it has a very high quality tone. Buyer Pays for Shipping Costs. If you want anymore pictures of it e-mail me.


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