Drum kit - Yamaha Maple Absolute w/ Paiste Cymbals

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number40001
Drum kit listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$4000 negotiable

Description: Drum kit - Yamaha Maple Absolute w/ Paiste Cymbals

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Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute with noveau lugs in black sparkle sunburst lacquer. I've owned several kits over the years - DW, Starclassic birch, Starclassic B/B, Ludwig, Camco.... and these drums are far and away the most refined, full sounding drums I've ever owned! Soft bags included.

-14x14 ft
-16x16 ft
-14x5x5 Maple Absolute Noveau snare in vintage natural stain

All Drums have die-cast hoops and YESS mounts. Tom mounts and one cymbal stand will also be included.

Paiste Cymbals:

-14" Signature Reflector Dark Crisp Hats
-22" Signature Dark Metal Ride
-18" Signature Full Crash (not shown in pics)
-18" Signature Power Crash
-19" Signature Power Crash
-8" Twenty Splash
-10" Twenty Splash
-17" 2oo2 Wild China
-20" 2oo2 China
-6" 2oo2 Bell Chime
-4", 6", 8" 2oo2 Accent Cymbals

Aside from they typical fingerprints, these cymbals are all very well maintained, with no cracks, scrapes, or keyholing. I bought them a couple years ago after selling off all my old Zildjians. Imo, these are the most musical cymbals on the market today.

Currently, the drums have Remo coated emperors on the batter side w/ Evans clear G1's on the resonant side. The kick drum has a Remo Ambassador resonant head w/ a 4" port, and an Evans EQ4 on the batter side. All the heads are in excellent shape w/o any dents or markings of abuse.

This is nearly $7000 worth of drums and cymbals. Will accept offers. Thanks!

Pictures: Drum kit - Yamaha Maple Absolute w/ Paiste Cymbals

Picture of Drum kit - Yamaha Maple Absolute w/ Paiste Cymbals


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