Drum kit - DW Drum Workshop Series

Drum kit listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33078
Drum kit listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$2000

Description: Drum kit - DW Drum Workshop Series

$2000.00. I have for sale a DW Drum Workshop Series drumset in Sea Blue (SOLID MAPLE) in mint condition.10,12,15 floor with legs (fast sizes) 20 bass, 18 bass, 6x12 DW snare, 5x14 snare. This was the series where DW made shells without reinforcing rings and changed the lugs to look like what we now know as Pacific Lugs. Although they look like Pacific lugs they are made very differently, these lugs are raised in a step like design like traditional DW lugs, where as Pacific lugs are engraved to look like this. VERY DIFFERENT. Only a certain amount of these kits where made during certain years and they only came in two colors and two configurations. 10,12,15 floor with legs 20 bass, and 10,12,14 floor with legs 22 bass. They were made in a wine red laquer and in Sea Blue. This drumset is Sea blue. 10,12,14 floor with legs and 20 bass with DW slide mount. It will also come with a 6x12 Drum workshop series snare with traditional DW Lugs in silver sparkle, a 16x18 bass drum in sea blue made to look totally identicle to the set, this bass drum is a DW shell with reinforcing rings Pacific hardware to match the main kit and a DW slide tom mount, (this bass drum is pretty much brand new and just built, it looks amazing, I have had many compliments on it), you also get a 5x14 snare in Sea Blue made by Pacific All Maple, this snare matches the kit perfectly, all harware on all drums (except 6x12 snare) have matching hardware and color. Bottom heads are clear Remo resonant heads, top heads are all Evans G2 coated, 20 bass has DW front head with 4" mic hole and a Aquarian Superkit II batter head with Aquarian double pedal patch, 18 bass has Evans Black Resonant front head to 2 2" mic holes and a Emad batter head with a Aquarian double pedal patch. 6x12 has a Remo snareside head and an Evans G2 batter head, 5x14 snare has remo snareside head and an Evan G2 batter head. This kit is designed for the rocker and the jazzer and everyone inbetween. You have so many options with this kit as far as set up is concerned. It is a very functional in many areas. The buyer will not be unhappy I promise. All shells are Sea Blue laquer and in mint condition. This kit has been well taken care of.


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