Drum kit - ROLAND TD-10 V-Drum Set Kit DW Expanded V DRUMS

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Drum kit listedbefore 2018
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Description: Drum kit - ROLAND TD-10 V-Drum Set Kit DW Expanded V DRUMS

Never used outside our pro-smoke free enviroment. We used this kit on our last few records, and it really is amazing. We just finished our new CD, and new will be building a new barn studio, so our entire set-up is going to go. This kit has been AWESOME!, and I am sure we will be buying another down the road.

* TD-10 Percussion Sound Module EXPANDED with TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board, yielding over 1,000 high-quality sounds with enhanced dynamics, extensive COSM drum modeling, plus new V-Cymbal Control.
* 3 x PD-120 12 in. dual-trigger mesh V-pads for snare and floor toms.
* 2 x PD-100 10 in. single-trigger mesh V-pads for rack toms.
* 2 x CY-14C 14 in. V-Cymbal Crash with natural cymbal inertia and choke capabilities and dual-positional sensing (edge and bow).
* 1 x CY-15R 15 in. V-Cymbal Ride with natural cymbal inertia, simultaneous 3-way-triggering (edge, bow, bell), and positional sensing.
* 1 x CY-12H 12 in. dual-trigger V-Cymbal for hi-hat.
* 1 x FD-7 Hi-Hat Control Pedal for realistic hi-hat control from closed to open.
* 1 x KD-120 12 in. V-kick pad for fast, natural kick drum triggering using standard kick drum pedal.

# Condition: Excellent! This V-Session kit is in great shape, showing some wear from use but functioning perfectly!
# I am also including a Drum Workshop 7000 double kick pedal!!!!
# Along with that, a great TAMA first chair!

# Comments: "As the most powerful and complete V-drums set to date, the V-Session Set is based upon the TD-10 Percussion Sound Module and TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board with V-Cymbal Control, giving drummers over 1,000 unique sounds with enhanced dynamics and sensitivity, not to mention the powerful COSM drum modeling, onboard effects, and icon-based user interface which have made the V-drums so popular. While drummers will immediately notice the V-Session's improved hardware, and incredibly dynamic new V-Cymbals, also noteworthy is the V-Session's inclusion of a KD-120 V-kick pad.

"Included with the V-Session Set are Roland's new V-Cymbals: Crash, Ride, and Hi-Hat. These are the world's first electronic cymbals that can accurately emulate the inertia of real acoustic cymbals, "swinging" and responding to cymbal "chokes" as a drummer plays. And the increased playing realism is mirrored in the sound: Both the Hi-Hat and the Crash offer dual-triggering and increased dynamics, while the Ride cymbal actually offers 3-way-triggering (edge/bow/bell) and Positional Sensing capabilities on the bow of the cymbal - just like an acoustic ride!" -Roland. This is an amazing electronic drum set in excellent condition.

I have most of the original boxes

Comes with original manual

Please contact me if you have questions.


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