Drum sticks - Triplet Drum Glove

Drum sticks listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number34852
Drum sticks listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$40

Description: Drum sticks - Triplet Drum Glove

In this photo- the Triplet Drum Glove is shown using the "Middle Band," which provides an incredible "Range of Stick Motion" while allowing the user to create subtle nuances without having to use excessive pressure on one's fulcrum.

The Triplet TM Drum Glove allows you to go beyond conventional means to "track and enhance" the overall arcing motion of drumsticks/mallets. This is "Truly Groundbreaking Technology !"

The Triplet Drum Glove, and its World- Wide Patented three-band construction, will eliminate dropping and losing control of one's sticks/mallets, while allowing the user a full range of stick motion that is "SIMPLY" impossible to replicate using bare-hands alone.


This is not a current listing. See more drum sticks.

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